Patrick Davison

I am a doctoral candidate at the department of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU.

My research is on the past and present of social media. My dissertation project is titled: Locating the User in American Social Media: A History of the Networked Present.

My next project is on the history of independent gaming in the 1970s, and on a format of game I call the 'Type-In.'

Currently, I work as Research Analyst for Data & Society. I am an adjuct instructor at Santa Monica College, and an editor for PBS Idea Channel and Crash Course.

I am also one third of a show called MemeFactory.

You can email me at patrick.davison[at]


(Not all of these are open access sources, feel free to contact me if you'd like a draft copy of any piece.)

Because of the Pixels: On the History, Form, and Influence of MS Paint in the Journal of Visual Culture.

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